Increase your mobile work team's operational efficiency with MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios from Motorola. MOTOTRBO delivers exceptional voice quality, extended battery life, increased capacity and the industry's largest application developer program for increased productivity and enhanced worker safety.

MOTOTRBO Apps can help increase personnel security and accountability when using our digital two-way radios.

Centralized Lone Worker (CLW)

Centralized Lone Worker (CLW)

Efficient Monitoring for Worker Safety and Security.

The Centralized Lone Worker (CLW) application allows you to ensure the well-being of your employees by giving you an extra piece of assurance. By sending 'Alive Check' messages to workers' mobile devices (i.e. MOTOTRBO radios, mobile phones) and receiving return confirmations, supervisors and managers are reassured that their employees have not encountered difficulties.

The solution provides your employees a safeguard against unforeseen accidents, and your company a means for quick response to these unfortunate situations. From manufacturing facilities, to power-generation plants, CLW has proved its value by looking after your most important resources: your employees.

Protecting Lone Workers
Centralized Lone Worker (CLW) monitors employees by systematically sending 'Alive Check' messages at frequent intervals to their mobile devices, i.e. their MOTOTRBO radios or mobile phones. If an individual cannot respond to an 'Alive Check' message, CLW triggers an alarm. Teldio's intelligent alarm notification system, ACS, receives this alarm notification stating that the lone worker is unresponsive, and automatically notifies the appropriate response group directly on their mobile devices via e-mail or text message. The 'Retry' feature allows for CLW to ping a lone worker more than once prior to notifying response groups of an emergency. The application can also send messages to multiple types of mobile devices simultaneously.

When ACS notifies individuals of an alarm, they must accept the alarm notification to acknowledge that it is being looked after. If the first individual in the response group misses or ignores the alarm notification, ACS redirects the alarm notification to the next appropriate worker. Never again will alarms go unnoticed.


  • Ensure lone worker safety by monitoring workers who complete dangerous or hazardous tasks, or work on their own.
  • Automatic notification process eliminates inefficiencies in the workplace and streamlines emergency response.
  • CLW is an intelligent lone worker solution that can be tailored to activate automatically by schedule or by location.
  • Scaling the system to grow with the organization does not require any additional hardware.
  • CLW can eliminate expensive monthly service charges for alternative monitoring services as it does not have recurring fees.


  • 'Alive check' messages can be sent as often as wanted to lone workers. They must respond within the allocated time frame.
  • The 'Retry' option can be customized to allow for a certain number of retry 'Alive Check' messages prior to notifying the response groups.
  • If the lone worker is unresponsive, alarm notifications are sent directly to the response groups' mobile devices to alert them of the situation.
  • The scheduler can be configured to activate CLW at certain times of day for individuals or large groups of lone workers.


Centralized Lone Worker Brochure

hermesTRX Man Down

hermesTRX Man Down

hermes microcom now provides a new MOTOTRBO man-down option board for the MOTOTRBO portable radios. This is a retro-fitted option board which automatically summons assistance when the radio 'falls-over' or remains motionless for a predetermined time period. Many situations may benefit from this important tool such as lone-worker environments or where health and safety regulations require that lone-workers have some form of "remote" supervision.

Target Markets

Hospitality, Natural Resources, Manufacturing, Utilities, Education, and Building Management.


The hermesTRX Man Down Option Board is designed to be retrofitted into the MOTOROLA range of MOTOTRBO hand portable radios. In the event that an employee becomes injured or falls unconscious a 'man-down' notification is sent immediately to the hermesTRX Dispatch position.

Key Features

  • Lone Worker
  • Man Down
  • Tilt Switch
  • Guard Control
  • Emergency voice call


hermesTRX Man Down

IPS Bluetooth Indoor Positioning System

IPS Bluetooth Indoor Positioning System

IPS Allows Organizations to Locate and Track Employees and Assets at All Times Using any Bluetooth Device.

The Indoor Positioning System allows organizations to locate and track employees and assets at all times using any Bluetooth, including MOTOTRBO radios equipped with a Bluetooth Adapter, smart phones and Bluetooth tags. The solution provides real-time location data of radio and mobile phone users using strategically placed Bluetooth Positioning Beacons installed in key areas of a facility, and connected over a LAN.

IPS provides the backbone necessary to enable system integrators to create intelligent location based services: e.g. emergency response, panic alerting, guard touring, entrance/exit control, critical area protection, and intelligent lone worker solutions.

Locating and tracking, made easy.

Locating Employees

Locating employees with IPS becomes simple and easy with the use of Bluetooth technology. Virtually any Bluetooth device in discoverable mode can be traced, tracked and logged. From smart phones, to MOTOTRBO radios with Bluetooth accessories, to Bluetooth rechargeable tags, tracking employees can become an afterthought.

Tracking Assets

Several readily available Bluetooth products on the market can easily enable any organization to track its mobile or valuable assets. From iPads in hotel rooms to laptop computers in office buildings, and forklifts in large manufacturing facilities - IPS-based solutions are easily tailored to uniquely fit organizations' needs. Two of the many recorded beneficial uses of IPS are automatic notifications of asset displacements and location verification via the user interface.


IPS Bluetooth Indoor Positioning System Brochure

Man Down Notifier™ (MDN)

Man Down Notifier

Proactive Monitoring for Increased Employee Safety.

Teldio's Man-Down Notifier (MDN) is an intelligent solution that provides proactive surveillance of employee's well-being and dispatches automatic emergency notifications to the appropriate response individuals or groups when the need arises. The solution is a cost-effective and potentially lifesaving way of detecting if a worker has had a fall or accident. The application utilizes the integrated accelerometer on the MOTOTRBO Expansion Board to monitor workers by detecting a lack of movement, a horizontal tilt, or a combination of both. MDN resides on the generic MOTOTRBO option board in an MDN-enabled radio and communicates with a central server to dispatch the emergency notification when need be. Furthermore, MDN integrates perfectly with Teldio's existing MOTOTRBO two-way radio application portfolio which allows for multiple Teldio Applications on the same GOB.


  • Ensures employee safety via proactive monitoring of those who encounter work dangers and hazards.
  • Automatic notification process removes workplace inefficiencies and streamlines the emergency response.
  • Increases awareness of safety incidents in real-time.
  • MDN sends location specific information to the targeted response individuals for efficient and rapid response.


  • Intelligent Man-Down Detection Algorithms to spot when a worker is in danger or has suffered a fall.
  • Man-Down Alarm Audio Beacons help other employees locate the fallen employees.
  • Man-Down Pre-Alarms allow users to cancel false alarms.
  • Sleep Mode permits users to temporarily disable Man-Down detection.
  • Configurable Motion, Tilt, Pre-Alarm and Sleep Mode Timers.
  • Automatic emergency notification process with when Man-Down alarms are triggered.
  • Different communication devices can simultaneously receive the Man-Down alarm notifications when paired with ACS.
  • Server-based software enhances the robustness of the solution and prevents false alarms.
  • Complementary operation alongside RBX +Plus on the same expansion card.
  • Fully compatible with Teldio's application portfolio.


Man Down Notifier Brochure

Sprite™ TW250

Telematics Software for MOTOTRBO™

With Sprite™ TW250 Software installed onto the MOTOTRBO™ Expansion Board, the radio becomes a highly cost effective, fully featured Telematics platform. It provides extensive capabilities such as GPS event driven reports, including waypoint reporting and GPS position with PTT ID.

The Sprite™ TW250 Software for MOTOTRBO™ adds autonomous, controllable and intelligent GPS reporting features to MOTOTRBO™ professional digital Two-Way radio systems. It features tools to greatly optimize channel traffic usage and increase system performance, such as arrival time reporting (waypoints) and vehicle utilization monitoring (odometer and speed). It provides efficient transmission of events and current position-reports, and it virtually eliminates the need for out-polling. The Sprite™ TW250 Software also provides high rate position report-logging capabilities.

The Sprite™ TW250 Software is easily loadable onto the Expansion Board via the radio's accessory connector, needing no additional 3rd party hardware. The end result is a fully featured GPS tracking platform, which fully exploits the radio resources and maximizes channel usage by minimizing air-time data transmissions.


  • Installs on MOTOTRBO™ Expansion Board.
  • Periodic time and distance reports based on moving and stopped status.
  • PTT ID.
  • Aggregated batch reporting.
  • Flexible radio I/O monitoring.
  • GPS/RSSI reports.
  • Time arrival & waypoints reporting.
  • Odometer reporting.
  • High density position logs.


  • Increased productivity.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Eliminate un-authorized vehicle use.
  • Reliable record of pick-up & delivery times.
  • Odometer based vehicle maintenance records.
  • Monitor vehicle utilization.
  • Increased driver safety.


Sprite TW250 Datasheet

Sprite™ TW255

Mobile Workforce Management for MOTOTRBO™ Radios

The Sprite™ TW255 is a software APP for Motorola MOTOTRBO™ portable and mobile radios, providing an effective tool for collecting in field data such in as School Bus Time & Attendance, Utility operations, aircraft re-fueling, hospitality supply requests etc. The TW255 MOTOTRBO™ software APP provides users with the ability to fill in FORMS data directly into a MOTOTRBO™ radio and send to a Host End Workforce Management System.

Custom FORMS can be generated using Tallysman's Windows based FORMS Builder application and loaded into the MOTOTRBO™ radio. The TW255 also supports Job Ticket dispatch with associated FORM's for Reply, e.g. Accept Job, Decline Job. Tallysman's Mobile Workforce Management Solution provides a complete system solution to manage field workers activities.


  • In field data collection - TW255 FORMS APP installs on MOTOTRBO™ expansion board.
  • No lost forms information - FORM messages are logged and positively acknowledged ensuring no loss of data.
  • Forms Builder - Easy design of custom FORMS.
  • Job Tickets - Job Ticket dispatch with Reply Prompts.
  • Forms/Job Ticket Logging - All completed Forms are logged and retrievable OTA.
  • Timestamp - All activity reports.
  • GPS Tracking - GPS tracking of workforce activities.
  • Reports - Comprehensive FORM APP reports (export).
  • Simple Integration - to existing Host Systems.


Sprite TW255 Datasheet

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