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In a world of lightning fast innovation, two-way radio communications systems are as relevant and important as ever because they provide unmatched reliability, extensive coverage, and rapid channel access compared to cellular based wireless products. A sophisticated radio system is not an off-the-shelf solution, and for you to experience the full level of its capability and performance, it requires professional configuration, installation, and maintenance.

That's where the right vendor can make all the difference.

From the initial design, configuration, and programming of your radios and critical system components, to their installation and deployment, training, and on-going support, Metro Mobile Communications' experienced professionals provide a unique level of skill and proficiency. Over a 30 year period we've grown our business on the reputation and quality of our technical services as well as our outstanding customer support.

We are experts at designing and building complete radio systems from the ground up, or fixing your existing communications system. We are specialists at implementing complex installations of mobile radios and public safety equipment. We repair and maintain radios and radio systems so they operate at peak efficiency. We even provide field and mountaintop service response throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Want an expert to design a complete two-way radio system? Need assistance with FCC licensing? Require an experienced project manager? You can find the right communications professional for these critical jobs and many more from Metro Mobile Communications' Technical Services.


At Metro Mobile we take great pride in the unique abilities of our Technical Services Department to troubleshoot and repair all models of Kenwood and Motorola two-way radios, providing cost-effective and convenient component level repair, and factory warranty support. Learn More


mmc truckYou’ve put a lot of time and careful thought into selecting your radios and two-way system, and now you want to maximize your investment with a professional installation that will enable your radios to perform as expected. Metro Mobile Communications’ Installation Services are provided by our own staff of professionally trained Installation Specialists. So whether you need a single mobile radio installed, or a complete communications system for a Command Vehicle, you’ll be pleased with the extraordinary craftsmanship and functionality of our work. Learn More

Radio Systems Design

Metro Mobile recognizes that every customer has a unique operation and special requirements, so an off-the-shelf radio system may not always be the answer. We are a solutions provider, and will work with you to understand your business and design a system that will fulfill your needs. Our extensive industry experience and product knowledge enable us to design exceptional radio systems, incorporating the latest in state-of-the-art technology. Our customers have peace of mind that we’ll use the best technology available within their budget constraints. Learn More

Project Management

MMC Communications Control CenterDeployment of a new two-way radio system is often a complex, multi-faceted undertaking. Metro Mobile Communications has the expertise and experience to ensure a successful outcome for you. Our approach is to conduct a thorough customer interview and needs analysis, concur on general system requirements, discuss problems to be solved, and agree on specific goals to be achieved. We believe in partnering with our customers so there’s transparency and accountability.Learn More

Maintenance Contracts

MMC Maintenance AgreementA maintenance agreement with Metro Mobile is the best way to ensure top system performance and long-term reliability. While all of our products are extremely reliable, when used every day in demanding environments, the occasional problem is inevitable. We can often avoid degraded performance or outright failures by proactively inspecting your equipment on a regularly scheduled basis. Learn More

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