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Help Teams Work Better and Faster, Together

Your people are on the factory floor, at the front desk, moving across campus or around the country. Hauling freight or handling emergency repairs, MOTOTRBO connects them instantly and efficiently, everywhere they go.

Whether they need ultra-thin portables or extra-tough mobiles, integrated Bluetooth® or industry-leading data applications, we have the right solution to fit your workforce now, and we can help you evolve as your enterprise grows. More than a progressive portfolio, MOTOTRBO is a complete and expertly integrated solution of portable radios, mobile radios, repeaters, data applications, accessories, software and services. MOTOTRBO puts the right solution into the hands of the right user - to make decisions easier, efficiency better, safety greater and productivity higher. And that can transform your enterprise.

Motorola MOTOTRBO Digital Radios

Do More, More Safely with MOTOTRBO Portables

Motorola MOTOTRBO Portable Radios

Keep Crews Well-connected with MOTOTRBO Mobiles

Motorola MOTOTRBO Mobile Radios

Stay in Continuous Contact with MOTOTRBO Repeaters

Motorola SLR 5700 Repeaters Motorola SLR 8000 Repeaters

Why TDMA Digital?

  • Crystal-clear audio without background noise or static.
  • Integrated voice and data applications on one device.
  • Lower infrastructure costs.
  • Up to 40% longer battery life for extended work shifts.
  • Twice the voice capacity in a 12.5 kHz licensed channel.

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Be In-touch and Up-to-the Minute with MOTOTRBO Applications

Take your business beyond voice and ensure all your people stay connected with the speed and efficiency of data. Whether sending a text message to crews doing road repairs or using the integrated GPS module to manage your fleet, MOTOTRBO makes response time more immediate, customer service more effective and your operation more productive.

With the industry's largest Application Developer Program, MOTOTRBO offers a wide range of data applications to expand communication beyond voice. Plus, you can work directly with third-party developers or your IT staff to create customized applications for your unique needs.

Put Our Applications To Work

Enhance Safety and Accountability

GPS location tracking allows efficient tracking of workers, vehicles, and business assets to enhance safety and productivity.

Accelerate Response Time

Work order ticket management solutions help expedite resolution of customer issues, enhance the efficiency of personnel responding to issues, and generate reports to create efficient work flows.

Stay In Control

Conveniently monitor machine or facility alarms, and remotely control doors with advanced telemetry solutions.

Mobilize Your Teams

Effectively manage fleet operations and extend access to radio functions via an IP connection from remote locations.

Stay Connected

Send and receive text messages and emails directly from your MOTOTRBO radio. Enhance worker safety and productivity by integrating with phone systems to make phone calls in places where mobile phone coverage is not available.

Connect With Other Devices

Interoperate seamlessly with technologies such as other radio systems, telephony systems and mobile computing devices.

Life-Saving Solutions

Enhance worker safety with lone worker and man-down emergency alarms. These solutions integrate with location tracking solutions and can emit tones from the radio to allow the radio to call for help when a worker can't.

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Reach Everyone, Everywhere with MOTOTRBO Systems

Want to increase the number of users on your system or extend coverage to another site? Connect workers in different locations or access voice and data without adding new frequencies? MOTOTRBO has a scalable system that fits your workforce and your facilities.

Conventional Systems

Benefit from the best of two-way radio with digital technology and enjoy integrated voice and data communication, increased capacity, enhanced features, exceptional voice quality and extended battery performance.

Read more about Conventional Systems

Capacity Plus

Opt for this single site digital trunking system to maximize the capacity of MOTOTRBO. Use it for a high volume of voice and data communications and link over a thousand users at a single site without adding new frequencies.

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Connect Plus

Keep your mobile workforce connected with this scalable, multi-site digital trunking system. Queue calls during busy times until an open channel is available, assign important users priority status when the system is in high demand, and use a wire-line console for centralized dispatch.

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Linked Capacity Plus

Expand the capacity and extend the coverage of MOTOTRBO with this entry-level digital trunking system. It leverages the high capacity of Capacity Plus with the wide-area coverage capabilities of IP Site Connect to keep your staff at various locations connected with an affordable wide area trunking solution.

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IP Site Connect

Use the Internet to extend MOTOTRBO's voice and data capabilities. Link up to 15 sites at geographically dispersed locations, create wide-area coverage or enhance coverage at a single site with physical barriers.

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MOTOTRBO is remastering digital two-way communications - and redefining what customers expect from a radio solution. With the MOTOTRBO portfolio of portable and mobile radios, repeaters, data applications, accessories, software and services, you can put the right device into the hands of the right user. From the supervisor of a production line, to the facilities manager in a crowded stadium, to the technician repairing power lines, MOTOTRBO radios make workers more efficient and productive.

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