Increase your mobile work team's operational efficiency with MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios from Motorola. MOTOTRBO delivers exceptional voice quality, extended battery life, increased capacity and the industry's largest application developer program for increased productivity and enhanced worker safety.

With MOTOTRBO radios you can bridge the RF environment with the IP world to provide the ability to talk between LAN/WAN networks and radio networks. Send and receive text messages and e-mail messages directly on your MOTOTRBO radio.

DAPage Hospitality™ 

Optimized for work ticket system integration, DAPage Hospitality is a behind the scenes "magic" gateway solution connecting Motorola MOTOTRBO™ and Kenwood NXDN® two-way digital radios to your work ticket order system.

Designed for hotels, apartments, casinos, and other environments requiring rapid response to community service requests, DAPage Hospitality enables Motorola MOTOTRBO radios to send and receive text messages directly with management solutions and with other texting devices in the field.

Plug & Play Advantage
With an average installation time of a half day, DAPage Hospitality is a cloud based Plug & Play solution. This means no capital costs for you and your facilities. Instead, DAPage provides the services you need including continuous monitoring, enhanced trouble shooting and unique security capabilities.

CMMS Integration
DAPage Hospitality™ features seamless integration with hospitality management programs including CMMS, CRM, and GEM options. Products we work with include but are not limited to:

  • SynergyMMS®
  • Mtech's HotSOS™
  • Workspeed®
  • Proprietary systems

DAPage enlarges the array of mobile devices available in your network to include mobile radios (Motorola MOTOTRBO™) as well as other proprietary devices.


DAPage Hospitality Brochure

DAPage Notifications™

Designed for state and local emergency services and public safety agencies, DAPage Notifications™ delivers optimal incident awareness through rapid incident alert dispatch to targeted personnel.

DAPage Notifications™ for Emergency Services is a uniquely powerful incident alert messaging tool featuring CAD integration, automated shift rotation, detailed transaction logging, and an unparalleled ability to reach both wired and wireless devices alike. Designed and priced for today's public safety community, DAPage makes fulfilling your agency's operational responsibilities of incident notification, situational awareness updates, and staff recall efficient, easy and dependable.


DAPage's deployable services use our own custom hardware solution, the DAGate™ to enable easy integration with applications including Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems, crisis information management systems, and in-house paging encoders.

Our services are Common Alerting Protocol 1.2 (CAP) compliant.

Automated Shift Rotation
DAPage's new and unique "Platoon" mode sets up and supports the automatic tracking and exclusive messaging of on-duty shift personnel. Built for the needs of today's emergency services organizations, selection posibilities are not limited to "on-shift" or "everyone", but are pliable enough to include the selection of more widely defined groups for larger incidents needing off-duty and/or volunteer responses. 

The system supports tracking any number of platoons rotating on any schedule of hours per shift, and features include the unprecedented ability to automatically overlap shifts for transitional support.


A Text Messaging & GPS Application for MOTOTRBO™ Platform.

  • MOTOTRBO™ multi-platform support in a single system.
  • Allows for seamless migration for carriers with multiple system types to support users all on a single platform. 
  • Subscriber roaming is automatic between systems.
  • Server supports up to 100 client connections with Windows based client.
  • Bundled with SQL Express, SQL Server is available as an option.
  • Dispatch client to subscriber radio text messaging.
  • Integrated with the SMTP Server.
  • Mobile support integration for Blackberry client and future mobile clients.


neoConneX Info Sheet
neoConneX Brochure

Simple Email Gateway™

Exchange Emails and Messages Between Radios.

Simple Email Gateway™ is a messaging solution that allows exchange of email between MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital Two-Way Radio Systems and any device capable of sending and receiving emails. Simple Email Gateway works with many hotel and office management solutions.

Key Features

  • Optimized for most work ticket systems.
  • Supports POP3 and SMTP email protocols and provides logging all inbound and outbound messages.
  • Easy installation and configuration.
  • Online updates allow Simple Email Gateway to operate with the latest functionality.


Simple Email Gateway Brochure

Simple Text Messaging™

Easy Text Messaging Between Computers And Radios.

Simple Text Messaging™ is a messaging solution that allows exchange of text messages between a computer and MOTOTRBO™ Digital Two-Way Radio Systems.

Key Features

  • Multi-system operation.
  • Send text messages to individuals or groups.
  • Automatic mobile and portable registration.
  • Online updates.
  • Integrates seamlessly with StreetTrek Location and Messaging Server™, TrboDVR Server™, Capacity Plus and Connect Plus Servers™.


Simple Text Messaging

TRBOnet™ Text Messenger

Allows Users to Send and Receive Simple Short Text Messages Via the MOTOTRBO Digital Two-Way Radio System.

The simple text messenger for MOTOTRBO™. Easy to Install. Easy to Configure. Easy to Use.


Motorola MOTOTRBO™ 2-Way Radios Text to Email Gateway.

text@trbo™ is a text email gateway for Motorola MOTOTRBO™ radios. It allows 2-way radio users to send, receive and reply to emails as text messages.

  • Increase productivity by communicating to employees in the field.
  • Reap the benefits of text-messaging which is inherently faster, more accurate and less obtrusive than voice communications.
  • Run existing work order management applications or create your own radio-based workflow process, and show how messaging allows easily demonstrable ROI value propositions.
  • Ideal middleware for hospitality and other applications that use email to communicate with radios.
  • Use email to reach cell phone users via SMS.
  • Create a mobile radio-email hotspot by running it on a notebook with a 3G card.

Unlike any other text email gateway for the Motorola MOTOTRBO™ radios, text@trbo was designed as a true middleware component. As such it is very easy to deploy, effective and more importantly affordable.

Why spend hours and thousands of dollars on other solutions? You can install this software, connect via a simple cable the PC to the radio and in less than 10 minutes you are ready to send emails to radios!

text@trbo™ requires minimal configuration: only enter the incoming email server information, the list of email addresses allowed to reach the radios and corresponding dispatch IDs and you are done. It requires minimum processing power and memory, so not only you can save by running it on an existing system dedicated to other application but it is also priced at a fraction of other solutions.

  • Can be deployed in minutes: zero configuration for radios.
  • Supports SMTP for outbound and POP3 or SMTP for inbound email.
  • Faster and more reliable interface to HotSOS: it directly connects to M-Tech servers bypassing email.
  • Message are stored locally and forwarded with multiple retries if the radio is unavailable.
  • Bounce back email notification for unreachable or unknown radios.

It runs on any Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 system since it requires minimal storage and processing power.

Target Markets

Hospitality, Public Utilities, Government, Education, and Security.


TRBOnet Text Messenger Brochure


Email/Text and Scada Gateway Solution for Motorola MOTOTRBO™ Digital Two-Way Radio System.

zapMail is an email to text gateway for the MOTOTRBO™ professional digital two-way radio system.

Key Features

  • Email to Text Gateway.
  • Uses standard SMTP and POP services.
  • Easy to configure.
  • Store and forward text messaging.
  • Tested with various Hospitality Management Solutions.
  • Text Clients for distributed messaging within a user network.


ZapMail Brochure
ZapMail Info Sheet

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