I would highly recommend Metro Mobile and their product to any agency or organization desiring a superior product, at a very reasonable price, supported by a dependable company.

Before Metro Mobile, this police department had struggled with trying to fix an inadequate radio system for over five years. Because of the physical location of our campus, and the construction materials used in the many structures, two-way radio communications was either non-existent or very scratchy, creating serious public safety concerns. After spending over $100,000 with another company to correct only a small portion of the entire problem it was apparent that at least an additional $100,000 would need to be spent, and it still would be uncertain if the problems would be completely resolved.

The Metro Mobile professionals presented a solution that was far superior at a fraction of the cost.

Metro Mobile installed a portable repeater and supplied us with several handheld radios to test their product. To our amazement and delight we could not find any dead spots where they previously existed in our radio communications, and the clarity and range of our radio communications was improved tremendously. We were also impressed by the knowledge, service, promptness, and support provided by every member of the Metro Mobile team.
James Hodges - Chief of Police
California State University East Bay

We sell and service the highest quality brands of portable radios, Motorola MOTOTRBO and Kenwood NEXEDGE, at very affordable prices. With Metro Mobile, you enjoy the convenience of working with a single radio source for both the finest products, and the reliable service support you need.

two-way radio for security personnel

As a university administrator, your primary concerns are campus public safety and reliable communications to coordinate the activities of numerous user groups. Metro Mobile understands your priorities, and can help you address these with dependable radio communications.

We supply and maintain advanced, multiple user group radio systems on university campuses all over the Bay Area. University police departments rely everyday on the quality and dependability that our systems provide. Housing and facilities users will appreciate the cellular-like calling features such as text messaging and email that are available with our communications systems. Our systems provide radio coverage campus-wide, and link distant campuses together using VOIP technology. Metro Mobile's customers enjoy seamless communications at a fraction of the cost of cellular.

Metro Mobile specializes in Motorola MOTOTRBO digital radios which provide enhanced voice security, improved radio coverage and audio clarity, and can provide two voice channels on an existing analog radio frequency, doubling a radio system's airtime capacity. In addition to their excellent performance characteristics, MOTOTRBO radios provide cellular-like features such as one-to-one calling, email, and text messaging, and improved in-building signal penetration.

Call us today to find out how Metro Mobile has helped Universities like yours ensure public safety, as well as coordinate the activities of their user groups, with an affordable radio communications system. You'll breathe a little easier knowing that experienced professionals are working with you.

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