Deployment of a new radio system is often a complex, multi-faceted undertaking. Metro Mobile Communications has the expertise and experience to ensure a successful outcome for you. Our approach is to conduct a thorough customer interview and needs analysis, concur on general system requirements, discuss problems to be solved, and agree on specific goals to be achieved. We believe in partnering with our customers so there's transparency and accountability.

Metro Mobile's system deployment team includes personnel with knowledge in the products and technologies being delivered. Team members are trained and equipped to succeed at the assigned task, so you can have confidence in our ability to deliver the promised professional services.

As a responsible partner, Metro Mobile properly labels and documents all work to ensure ease of post-project maintenance and troubleshooting, should the need arise. We always provide our customers with any important product documentation, training materials, and ensure that all work areas are inspected and cleaned. After we complete a project, you won't have to wonder what we did or where the pertinent information resides.

Metro Mobile's goal is to complete a project as efficiently as possible, from beginning to end, while minimizing any potential inconvenience to you. We always aim for "on time and within budget." Our finance department ensures that the placing of orders and invoicing are handled professionally and smoothly.


Metro Mobile's approach is to define a project by conducting a thorough customer interview and needs analysis, discussing problems to be solved, and agreeing on general system requirements and specific goals. Based on this project information and our experience with similar projects, we will develop a complete system proposal so you'll know exactly the scope of the project.

The system proposal begins with a detailed equipment list. Our internal technical team works closely with the manufacturer's technical support group to produce an itemization of specific equipment that includes all required system hardware, installation services, and technical services. You'll have confidence knowing we've done due diligence to ensure the compatibility and functionality of the components of your system.

We complete our system proposal with supporting product documentation if appropriate, a description of the project scope, applicable client references, payment terms and options, and a general project timeline.

Once the project is approved, we stage the various system components in our facility. Much of the initial work will be performed there, including some product assembly, system configuration and programming, and bench testing.

As the system is being readied, a detailed project delivery and installation schedule is developed. This may include site visits to determine key contacts during system implementation, the confirmation of site access by our installation team, and any needed discussions of security and escort issues.

During system installation, the project manager keeps the customer apprised of project progress and informed of any concerns or unforeseen complications that may arise. The project is considered completed only after we make certain the system has been fully tested, and that all aspects and features are functioning properly as promised.

Afterwards, we follow up with the customer to make certain that everything has been delivered and is operational as promised, and to make sure there are no unresolved issues.

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