FCCYou probably know that all wireless communications in the United States are regulated under the authority of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). But did you also know that an FCC License is required for any and all individuals, businesses, and government agencies that operate radio communications equipment? This license authorizes the exact frequencies you can use and where, the amount of output power allowed, your specific antenna height, and a host of other communications parameters.

That's right, businesses and governments are required to maintain an FCC License and to ensure their radio systems are operating within the limitations of their granted licensed authorization. The FCC enforces these requirements to maximize access to the finite wireless spectrum, and to minimize potential interference between users. This means your critical wireless business communications can run smoothly and your employees can easily be in touch with each other, without worrying about harmful interference from other companies' users.

This also means that FCC enforcement could lead to serious fines and penalties for un-licensed users, or users operating outside the limits of their approved authorization. Metro Mobile Communications makes it easy for you to acquire and maintain your required FCC authorization. We provide advice and assistance regarding most FCC matters, including:

  • New License Applications
  • Existing License Modifications and Renewals
  • Construction Notification Filing
  • FCC Database Searches
  • Spectrum Acquisitions and Brokerage
  • Regulatory Counsel
  • RF Coverage Analysis
  • Frequency Interference Analysis

Why not get your communications taken care of the easy way and contact Metro Mobile at 650-367-1992 today? We'll discuss your organization's FCC related issues and concerns, and take it from there so you can get back to running your business.

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