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Since 2003, Metro Mobile has delivered on their promises to build and maintain a 'turnkey' radio system solution for our agency. They worked closely with us to understand our two-way radio needs, then built a system which continues to serve us with excellent coverage and uninterrupted service. From their system design services through the reliable and responsive maintenance they provide, Metro Mobile has earned my trust as a top quality radio vendor.
Steve Dennis - Emergency Services Supervisor Alameda County Water District

Custom Solutions

Utility Districts and Public Works agencies require radio systems that stay on the air during extreme weather and seismic events. Plus, these systems must be able to provide reliable communications over an entire city or county, and penetrate heavily reinforced facilities such as a water treatment plant. Metro Mobile Communications are experts at supplying turn-key radio systems that meet all these requirements so you don't have to learn the latest in two-way radio communications technology, and can depend on trouble-free operations. Our ready-to-deploy systems include custom-configured repeater infrastructures with professionally designed antenna systems and emergency backup power solutions. These configurations provide wide-area or in-plant signal penetration, and worry-free performance even during a disaster.

Motorola two-way radio communication systemsThe payback period for a two-way radio system is short, but we recognize that radio system infrastructure can be a significant capital expense. Building out your own communications system can be a risky investment for some agencies, especially given the rapid pace of technological change. That's why Metro Mobile Communications developed their MetroNet Repeater Service. So you don't have to take on the cost, risk, and stress of buildout and maintenance.

Consider outsourcing your radio system infrastructure to Metro Mobile Communications, and let us worry about FCC compliance, updates, and mandates. Our MetroNet digital radio network is a low-cost, feature-rich solution for public works operators, providing coverage, performance, and capabilities that would be difficult and expensive to implement on your own.

Digital Technology

two-radio for utiliitiesWhether you operate your own radio system infrastructure, or operate on our repeater network, you can take advantage of Motorola's MOTOTRBO advanced digital technology.

Metro Mobile Communication specializes in Motorola MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio systems which can provide two voice channels on an existing analog radio frequency, thereby doubling a radio system's airtime capacity. This extra capacity can be used for another user group, or allow for small group or one-to-one communications. The MOTOTRBO digital technology also improves in-building signal penetration and audio quality so you can hear better in hard-to-reach places. These improved abilities offer key benefits to water, sanitary, and public works users that work in heavily fortified environments which impede communications.

In addition, this state-of-the-art radio technology delivers innovative, cellular-like features, such as the ability to scroll through your phonebook to select and call an individual radio or group of radios. The MOTOTRBO radio can even receive and acknowledge email. How cool is that? You don't need costly cell phones anymore! MOTOTRBO radio systems process data as easily as voice communications, making them a perfect delivery platform for software applications such as text messaging, email, and GPS tracking of your valuable resources. These high tech radio systems have been designed for today's digital applications so that implementation is straightforward and efficient.

Legacy Radio Systems

two-way radio systemMany utility radio users are heavily invested in their existing analog radio systems, which continue to provide good quality and reliable service. For these customers, Metro Mobile Communications continues to provide conventional, analog radio products from Motorola and Kenwood to prolong your investment as long as possible. We save you money by offering WSCA contract pricing on Kenwood's full line of high quality mobile and portable radios. Metro Mobile Communications also sells and services Zetron's full line of telemetry, SCADA, and remote monitoring products, all widely used by sophisticated utility agencies.

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