METRONET Motorola Two-Way Radio Systems

What is it?

Building your own radio system infrastructure is expensive and can be a risky investment, especially given the rapid pace of technological change. In addition to a sound radio system infrastructure, you also need a clear communications frequency free from interference. If you don't have both of these conditions, your communications system may fail you at the most critical time.

That's why Metro Mobile Communications developed the MetroNet Repeater Service.

Critical 24/7 Availability

MetroNet has been engineered to stay on the air 24/7 to provide critical communications services during situations that can cause cellular networks to experience service outages or undergo traffic spikes that can leave you disconnected. Our MetroNet customers are able to coordinate personnel and respond to emergencies without missing a beat. The MetroNet Repeater Service is also fully FCC licensed to operate on our own exclusive frequencies. This means that all of your radio transmissions are interference free and heard only by your own radio-equipped personnel.

Clear Communications – Voice & Data

Based on the latest in digital technology, MetroNet is a two-way radio repeater network that provides enhanced voice communications, as well as integrated data communications. All of your radio transmissions are loud and clear because our system delivers the best quality audio that technology can offer. Need to send a text or email? No problem. Data communications is a fully integrated feature which means you save money by not needing a separate messaging system.

Built-in GPS

San Francisco GPS Vehicle Tracking

In addition to high quality audio and data, MetroNet provides enhanced privacy and built-in GPS tracking. Your radio communications are more secure than ever because our infrastructure is based on Motorola's state-of-the-art MOTOTRBO digital technology. The built-in GPS capability means you can easily locate your key people and resources at any time. Are they at the job site? Who's the closest to the accident? Who can respond quickest to the customer? With MetroNet's GPS feature, you can have answers to questions such as these quickly and easily.

Affordable & Dependable Communications

MetroNet offers the best of both worlds—a mobile radio system with cellular-like features and excellent coverage, and a robust, dependable communications network that will keep you in touch with your team through severe winter weather, a major earthquake, or any other disaster.

Best of all, MetroNet is affordable and extremely cost-effective with flat-rate, unlimited airtime calling plans available to business and government users.

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