Radio Systems Design

Metro Mobile recognizes that every customer has a unique operation and special requirements, so an off-the-shelf radio system may not always be the answer. We are a solutions provider, and will work with you to understand your business and design a system that will fulfill your needs. Metro Mobile's extensive industry experience and product knowledge enable us to design exceptional radio systems, incorporating the latest in state-of-the-art technology. Our customers have peace of mind that we'll use the best technology available within their budget constraints.

When we embark on a radio system design project, we take into account a number of your important considerations:

  • radio coverage needs, such as the number of structures -- single building, campus, city-wide, or facilities scattered across the globe
  • functional requirements, such as talk paths, voice security, and data applications
  • system capacity requirements, including potential call volume and number of user groups
  • other considerations, like emergency backup power, interference protection, and regulatory restrictions

Antenna Systems

A major component of a radio system is its antenna system. Metro Mobile specializes in the design and installation of complex Combined Antenna Systems. We supply and maintain sophisticated, rack-mounted, multi-channel repeater systems incorporating advanced transmit multi-coupler and receiver combining schemes. So if you have a number of separate radio systems, each with its own repeater, that you don't want to interfere with each other, you can depend on Metro Mobile to develop a Combined Antenna System that utilizes the right mix of filters and other components so that it works flawlessly. Your communications will be loud and clear.

Our customers' fixed station antennas have been specially selected and positioned to provide the best signal pattern that will deliver radio coverage where it's needed most. Need to communicate through heavily reinforced structures like a parking garage or elevator shaft? Or through several buildings across the campus? Frustrated with radio static every time you go into the parking garage or sub-basement? The experienced consultants at Metro Mobile can solve these challenges for you so you can focus on other more important business. Our expertise in non-penetrating roof mount antenna structures greatly reduces the likelihood of any leaks or damage to your facility.

Back-up Systems

Metro Mobile is adept in advanced battery technology and can engineer backup power systems that are 100% reliable. Heard your share of horror stories where the back-up batteries were discovered dead when a disaster hit, or the back-up system didn't power up as planned? Our customers always sleep at night because they have confidence in our ability to develop a fail-safe battery back-up system. We perform preventive maintenance and routinely verify the ready state of our customers' battery back-ups.

IT Expertise

The ongoing merging of technologies means that an up-to-date radio system will most likely incorporate software that resides on your computer system, or use tools that link remote locations via your LAN or WAN. You can rest assured that Metro Mobile's experts boast extensive IT experience, and often work closely with our customers' IT departments to implement our solutions.

So lighten your load, and take advantage of Metro Mobile Communications' radio systems design expertise. Call us today to find out how we can work together to design a distinctive radio system for you.

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