Metro Mobile Two-Way Radio Maintenance

A maintenance agreement with Metro Mobile is the best way to ensure top system performance and long-term reliability. While all of our products are extremely reliable, when used every day in demanding environments, the occasional problem is inevitable. We can often avoid degraded performance or outright failures by proactively inspecting your equipment on a regularly scheduled basis.

Metro Mobile's field technicians make routine visits every week to selected maintenance clients, and keep their radios in peak condition. Other clients choose to send us their portable radios during seasonally slow periods. For example, our school district customers have us perform a thorough service on all their radios during summer break. By preventively checking their radios and batteries, Metro Mobile significantly lowers the number of field failures. Our customers enjoy the convenience and minimized downtime that our maintenance contracts offer.

Metro Mobile Two-Way Radio Repairs

Since all repairs are covered under the contract, there are never any unplanned expenditures for radio repair, and you always come in on budget. A single monthly or quarterly invoice makes your radio system maintenance as simple as possible.

Metro Mobile provides contract maintenance on all major brands of radio equipment, whether you're a small business, a local government department, or a large corporation. Our contracts also offer a range of response requirements. Our maintenance agreements deliver great value to our customers, give them peace of mind, and are the easiest way to protect the investment you've made in your radio equipment. Call us today to make sure your radio system continues to deliver top performance.

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