The versatile walkie talkie radio is used in many different enterprises in many different ways. Every user has a special application, requirement, or preference for their two-way portable radio. How to satisfy such a wide variety of specific needs?

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

Some radio users work in very loud environments (manufacturing/industrial),

some get their equipment wet (firefighters),

some work very long shifts (public safety),

some need to be discreet (hospitality/security),

some need both hands free at all times (crane operator).

Metro Mobile Communications believes the best radios deserve the best accessories, so we make it a priority to carry a large selection of radio audio headsets and earkits, radio batteries, chargers, carrying cases and belt clips from the best suppliers in the industry.

These top-of-the-line suppliers include factory direct OEM accessories from Motorola and Kenwood, as well as products from the best names in the business like OTTO, Power Products, and AdvanceTec.

Audio Accessories

Kenwood KMC41 Two-Way Radio
KHS 10oH Headset

The right audio accessory can play a crucial role in solving a host of communication problems.

How does an employee on the factory floor hear his radio, or send a clear transmission without being drowned out by high background noise?
With a dual-muff headset that includes a noise cancelling boom microphone.

  • How do you keep your confidential walkie talkie communications confidential?
    A surveillance audio kit with a discreet earphone receiver is the perfect solution so only those who need-to-know will know.
  • How does a firefighter keep his radio working reliably in wet conditions?
    With an immersion-rated remote speaker microphone that can take a dunking and keep on talking.

Metro Mobile supplies a wide variety of factory-direct Motorola and Kenwood remote speaker microphones, light-duty and heavy-duty headsets, and an assortment of commercial and professional grade surveillance audio kits. Check out our Bluetooth wireless headsets and tactical earphone kits.

We proudly supply OTTO Engineering audio products. For over 50 years, OTTO has been designing and manufacturing a full line of products for unique and demanding applications. In a market saturated with cheap imitations, OTTO is an ISO9001 certified, American based manufacturer that specializes in accessories for the two-way radio market, including surveillance kits, wireless accessories, lightweight and heavy-duty headsets, speaker microphones, tactical, fire & HAZMAT communications equipment. OTTO Engineering audio products are compatible with our two way walkie talkie portable radios.

So whether you’re a crane operator, a race car driver, or work in a manufacturing facility with high ambient noise, Metro Mobile can recommend an audio accessory that works best for you.


Professionals that rely on their two-way radio to get them through tough spots and long days are equally reliant on the battery attached to their portable walkie talkie. Motorola PMNN4066 LG

Our experience has convinced us that factory original batteries simply outperform discount versions, and the long life span of our Motorola and Kenwood batteries makes them a superior overall value.

That’s why Metro Mobile Communications includes Motorola and Kenwood factory original batteries when we deliver new radios to our clients. And why we recommend genuine Motorola, Motorola IMPRES, and Kenwood batteries to our customers when it’s time to replace their worn batteries.

Our experience has convinced us that factory original batteries simply outperform discount versions, and the long life span of our Motorola and Kenwood batteries makes them a superior overall value.

If you’re budget-conscious but still demand an excellent product, Metro Mobile also carries economically priced batteries from Power Products, a manufacturer recognized for the high quality Japanese cells used in their battery products.

Metro Mobile carries a complete line of the latest NiCad, NiMH, and Lithium-Ion Batteries for all new model portable radios, as well as batteries for many discontinued or older models.

And, we maintain a large inventory of Motorola and Kenwood batteries for quick delivery so you can keep your portable radios in service. Plus, we stand behind all our batteries with a one year replacement policy.

Battery Chargers

TK 2180 Charger

Walkie talkie radios charged and ready for use at a moment’s notice are critical to industrial and public safety radio users.

Want your batteries to last longer?
We have Conditionsing Chargers that condition your batteries and prolong battery life!

Metro Mobile supplies desktop and vehicle-mounted Battery Chargers to help ensure that your batteries are always topped off with the optimum charge.

Want your batteries to last longer? We have Conditioning Chargers that condition your batteries and prolong battery life.

Don’t want to overcharge your batteries? We have Smart Chargers that cease charging when a battery’s fully charged so your batteries will enjoy a stress-free lifespan.

Whatever your battery charging needs, Metro Mobile can provide the right charger for you.

Metro Mobile supplies genuine Kenwood and Motorola Battery Chargers, including Motorola’s revolutionary IMPRES line of advanced chargers. These state-of-the-art chargers are specially designed to optimize battery performance and extend battery life. We also carry AdvanceTec and iTECH Battery Management Systems, the industry’s finest battery conditioning and analyzing equipment available.

Carrying Cases and Belt Clips

Portable Radio Holders:
Swivel Belt Kit
Belt Clip
Shoulder Strap or
Chest Pack
Leather Carrying Case

Metro Mobile supplies the industry’s finest leather and synthetic walkie talkie radio carrying accessories, including factory-direct carrying cases and kits from Motorola and Kenwood so you can expect a perfect fit every time.

We proudly carry the patented AWedge – the swivel belt kit that revolutionized the industry by allowing a portable radio to be attached securely, yet released quickly. So whether you’re looking for a swivel belt kit for a two-way radio, a simple belt clip for your walkie talkie, a fireman’s shoulder-strap or chest pack, or simply need a classic basket weave holster for your portable radio, Metro Mobile’s got it in stock or can easily special order it for you.

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