Kenwood Authorized Dealer

Metro Mobile Communications is a factory authorized dealer of Kenwood two-way radios, parts, and accessories. Metro Mobile earned Kenwood's "Top Volume Dealer" award for 2010 at the 2011 International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) in Las Vegas.

We offer a wide selection of mobile and portable radios, base stations, and repeaters to satisfy the full spectrum of radio communications requirements. We can deliver a complete solution that includes all the supporting hardware and systems from the best manufacturers in the business.

Kenwood Portable Radios

Kenwood NX-1200-1300

Portable Radios offer the utmost in versatility, enabling you to communicate anywhere you can bring a radio. Hand-held or hands-free, you can easily clip the radio to your belt, or attach an ear kit for convenient communications.

Metro Mobile's Kenwood Portable Radios are used by schools, hotels, contractors, and high tech facilities personnel, as well as public safety professionals. Check out our Portable Radios and call us to discuss the best one for your application.

Kenwood Mobile Radios

Kenwood NX-3720-3820

Mobile Radios provide extremely reliable communications, and because of their high power output can operate at extended distances. Many models include built-in GPS capability so you can instantly see where your vehicles are located, conveniently viewing your fleet from any internet browser.

Metro Mobile's Kenwood Mobile Radios are used by tow companies, redi-mix concrete companies, public works departments, school districts, plumbing contractors, and public safety professionals. Check out our Mobile Radios and call us to discuss the best one for your application.

Kenwood P25 Public Safety Radios

Kenwood NX-5200-5300-5400

It was a bold decision back in 1995 when the City of Burlingame Police Department chose to equip their first responders with Kenwood mobile and portable radios. But the word quickly spread about the quality and value of these radios. Today, Burlingame PD still uses Kenwood radios, and so do over a hundred other public agencies throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. All supplied and looked after by Metro Mobile Communications. And every agency that has invested in Kenwood products supplied by Metro Mobile continues to rely on Kenwood radios for their mission critical two-way radio needs. That speaks volumes.

Did you know?
Project 25 (P25) or APCO-25 refers to a suite of standards for digital radio communications for use by federal, state, and local public safety agencies in North America to enable them to communicate with other agencies and mutual aid response teams in emergencies. This allows for a coordinated response by disparate public safety entities in the event of a major disaster. Kenwood’s P25 Mobile and Portable Radios showcase premium industrial design and engineering which means these radios are made to endure the most demanding situations. Extreme heat from fires, excessive dust and ash from explosions, or sudden impact from rough handling could easily render other radios inoperable, but the Kenwood P25 radios are built to withstand this punishment and continue working.

The communications needs of public safety radio users are greater and more sophisticated than ever before. And Kenwood continues to meet those needs with innovative new mobile and portable radio products that satisfy every requirement: from moderately priced NEXEDGE mobile and portable radios for support personnel, to cutting edge, top-of-the-line NX5000 Series mobile and portable radios. In short, Kenwood offers a complete line of mobile and portable radios to satisfy all public safety radio communication requirements.

Are you a public safety agency on an analog radio system? On a digital radio system? You get two for the price of one with Kenwood's economical NEXEDGE NX300 Portable Radio and NX800 Mobile Radio products. These radios work on both analog and digital radio communications systems, and users can expect excellent audio performance. Plus, these portable and mobile units include advanced feature sets such as a voice scrambler and MDC-1200 ANI. Undercover? SWAT? You get enhanced voice security on your tactical channels with any of the NX Series radios. These affordable units employ the latest in NXDN digital technology to deliver that extra measure of safety, vital to stealth operations.

Kenwood Base Stations and Repeaters

Kenwood NXR-5700-5800

A Repeater is a radio device that receives a signal and re-transmits it at a higher power so that the refreshed signal covers longer distances and can better penetrate dense structures.

Metro Mobile Communications has deployed, installed, and maintained the entire line of Kenwood Repeaters for a wide range of customers. In fact, we’ve been using Kenwood Repeaters in our own radio communications systems for decades, long enough to know that Kenwood Repeaters can be counted on to deliver long-term reliability, with proven daily performance that’s superior to competitive products easily twice the cost.

Metro Mobile Communications has implemented Kenwood Repeaters at sanitary and water districts, large construction jobsites, and on college and high-tech campuses. Check out our Repeaters and call us today to discuss the best one for your application.

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