Kenwood Mobile Radios deliver the utmost in reliable two-way radio communications. Their high-power output and top-of-the-line electronic specifications allow them to provide crisp, clear radio transmissions even at extended ranges. And their powerful speakers deliver loud audio which lets you hear clearly even in a noisy ready-mix concrete truck or fire engine.

With a variety of mounting options, a mobile radio can be positioned to allow the driver to communicate without taking his eyes off the road. This means a Kenwood Mobile Radio can be legally used as a communication device in most commercial vehicles, improving driver safety and the safety of those around him.

Mobile radios are available as dashboard mountable units or can be remotely mounted out of the way with just a small control head interface. Mobile radios can be installed in any vehicle, so the controls are easily readable, improving driver safety and response time. Or these radios can be completely hidden away when required for discrete applications.

Kenwood offers a variety of commercial mobile radios in all frequency bands as well as a selection of FM analog and NEXEDGE and DMR digital models in various power outputs:

  • Low Band (30-50 MHz)
  • VHF (136-174 MHz)
  • UHF (400-520 MHz)
  • 700/800 MHz

Metro Mobile Communication’s Kenwood Mobile Radios are used by tow companies, ready-mix concrete companies, public works departments, school districts, plumbing contractors, and public safety professionals. Check out the newest Kenwood models of mobile radios—the NX-1000, NX-3000, and NX-5000 Series--and call us to discuss the best one for your application.

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