two-way radio in manufacturingFacilities managers consider their data communications so critical to their operations that they won't entrust it to a commercial ISP; facilities supervisors build their own private local and wide area networks. The smart managers also consider their mobile communications to be just as vital. Commercially available cellular type systems are simply not dependable or secure enough, and their signal doesn't always provide the communications where you need it. You need your own private, commercial-grade radio communications system.

Metro Mobile Communications supplies turnkey, multiple user group two-way radio systems, including custom-configured repeater infrastructures with professionally designed antenna systems and emergency backup arrangements. Our Motorola MOTOTRBO and Kenwood NEXEDGE systems are intended to be extremely dependable and to provide communications where you need it—in every square foot of your facility and in every building on your campus. Metro Mobile recognizes that every customer has a unique operation with special requirements, and our technical product expertise can help you implement a portable radio communications system that meets your particular needs.

Two-way radio in manufacturing

We're a solutions provider, and will work with you to understand your business and design a system that works for you. Our extensive industry experience and product knowledge enable us to design exceptional radio systems, incorporating the latest in state-of-the-art technology. Our customers have peace of mind knowing that we'll use the best technology available within their budget constraints. Learn More about Metro Mobile's Radio Systems Design Services.

We've developed and implemented two-way radio systems for companies with facilities located across the Bay Area, and across the country. Utilizing VOIP technology, a portable radio user can communicate as clearly from Sunnyvale to Singapore, as he can from one building to another at your headquarters campus. So it doesn't matter if your buildings are scattered throughout the state, a continent, or the world. Metro Mobile can design a radio communications system that will link your locations together seamlessly.

two-way radio chemical plant

A critical component of your communications system is the radio itself. Metro Mobile specializes in Motorola MOTOTRBO digital radios which provide enhanced voice security, improved radio coverage and audio clarity, and can provide two voice channels on an existing analog radio frequency, doubling a radio system's airtime capacity. In addition to their excellent performance characteristics, MOTOTRBO radios provide cellular-like features such as one-to-one calling, email, and text messaging, and improved in-building signal penetration.

Call us today to find out how Metro Mobile has worked with Facilities and Maintenance Departments like yours to implement a communications system that works. You'll be able to talk where you want, when you want, even when the cellular phone system overloads in an emergency.

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