The Santa Clara County Fire Department's motto is "Courtesy and Service," so finding a vendor that understood and embraced our culture of service was of the utmost importance. Metro Mobile Communications’ service, responsiveness, and quality of work is why they are our service provider. Teaming up with Metro Mobile Communications has streamlined the service, repair, and new installations of our radio and intercom systems, as well as reduced staff time on our end. I highly recommend Metro Mobile for any communication needs.
Tony Bowden - Deputy Chief, Training Division
Santa Clara County Fire Department

Radio Communications Solutions

The introduction of Kenwood’s 90 Series two-way radios —the TK-790 mobile radio and the TK-290 portable radio — in 1992 heralded Kenwood as a major player in the land mobile radio industry. The Kenwood 90 Series platform has proven to be reliable and well-suited for fire protection districts and volunteer fire agencies. Kenwood is now well-recognized by firefighters at both the local and state levels, and with the 90 Series’ continuously expanding feature set, has also been widely adopted by the State of California.

The Department of Homeland Security pushed for interagency interoperability in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist incident, so Kenwood introduced the “10 Series” in 2004. The Kenwood TK-5710 mobile radio and the Kenwood TK-5210 portable radio both became fire agency standards.

Due to their high quality and loyal customer base, both the Kenwood 90 Series and Kenwood 10 Series radios are still in current production – even after 10+ years!

In 2015, cementing its reputation as the industry’s leading innovator of two-way radio products designed for fire agency users, Kenwood introduced the long anticipated “5000 Series.” These are the Kenwood NX5700 mobile radio and the Kenwood NX5200 portable radio which incorporate the best of the previous generations’ features, plus additional levels of reliability, ruggedness, and state-of-the-art capabilities.

All of the Kenwood 5000 Series mobile radios include 50 watts of output power, a large full color display, Kenwood’s renowned digital audio clarity, and built-in Bluetooth and DES encryption, making these communication devices the most robust, user-friendly, and secure two-way radios available. This high specification Kenwood mobile radio model can also be economically deployed as a dash-mount analog radio. However, with a series of simple software upgrades, the base Kenwood NX5000 mobile radio becomes a model compliant with FDMA P25 standards and the new TDMA Phase II P25 standards, ensuring interagency interoperability.

The versatile Kenwood NX-5000 mobile radio can be deployed as a compact, dash-mount unit or with a space-saving remote control head. It can be configured for multi-band operation so you can communicate with other agencies even if they operate in a different frequency band. Need a radio that can be used as a mobile command post or in a battalion vehicle? The versatile NX5000 can be configured with two control heads to solve this common challenge.

Want all of the above? Yes, the Kenwood NX5000 mobile radio can be configured for multi-band operation with two control heads, offering a maximum level of flexibility and control.

Compare the characteristics of Kenwood’s NX-5000 portable radio to other manufacturers’ models. The NX5000 hand-held two-way version delivers an advanced feature set in a compact-sized housing so you can take it anywhere. It’s an innovative portable radio that offers an advanced color display which can be viewed clearly in direct sunlight or in the dark, even while wearing polarized sunglasses. The NX5000 portable radio features a cutting-edge control pad and ultramodern switches which provide intuitive control and can be conveniently operated even with gloves on.

More importantly, the Kenwood NX5000 portable model offers key features specifically to enhance user safety in the fire-fighting environment: loud and clear audio which features Active Noise Cancelling so users don’t miss mission-critical communications, the ability to withstand a wet operating environment (IP67/68 immersion rated), and an intelligent battery management system so communications remain reliable when needed most.

The Kenwood NX5000 portable radio also has features which enhance operational efficiency. The front-panel programming feature allows channel banks to be created on-the-fly so you can always stay in touch with your strike team if your unit is deployed in wildfire support. And the built-in GPS capability permits firefighters to quickly and easily request assistance or supplies with precision.

Call us today to test drive the unrivaled capabilities of Kenwood’s NX-5000 Series radios, and see for yourself how the safety and effectiveness of your team can be enhanced.

Professional Installations

Two-way radio for fire firefightersWithout a professional quality installation, even the best equipment can underperform, or fail when you need it most. Metro Mobile has extensive experience installing radio and intercom systems in fire trucks, engines, and command vehicles. This experience is invaluable when it comes to solving grounding issues, perfecting antenna systems, locating and mounting system components, adjusting audio levels, and routing wire and cable. The end result is a communication system that works flawlessly and reliably, every time.

Intercom Systems

Metro Mobile specializes in fire apparatus headset communications systems, and is a factory direct representative of the David Clark Company, the industry leader in headset systems. We supply, install, and maintain complete multi-station, multi-radio headset intercom systems.

Learn More About Our Intercom Headset Communication Systems

Service & Support

Metro Mobile is proud of our success working with fire agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Fire agencies need reliable support, and we understand that. We have technicians available during normal business hours to provide drive-up or telephone support to our customers, and provide complete field support of our products and systems on a scheduled basis.

Metro Mobile offers WSCA contract pricing on Kenwood’s full line of public safety products, including the new NX-5000 Series, as well as legacy products.

So whether you’re a municipal fire department, a fire protection district, Cal Fire, or work with a volunteer fire department, Metro Mobile Communications provides the products and support you can depend on. Call us today to discuss your communication needs.

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