two-way radio for towing business

To maximize productivity and improve customer service, fleet operators need to be able to instantly communicate with their units. Metro Mobile provides both Kenwood LTR analog and Motorola MOTOTRBO digital trunked radio repeater service with coverage throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Are you wondering where your vehicles are? Which one is closest to the customer? Who can respond the quickest? How far away are they from the job site? With the GPS feature of Metro Mobile's MetroNet, you can have answers to questions such as these quickly and easily.

Our MetroNet Repeater Service provides enhanced privacy and built-in GPS tracking all over the San Francisco Bay Area. Your radio communications are more secure than ever because our infrastructure is based on Motorola's state-of-the-art MOTOTRBO digital technology. The built-in GPS capability means you can easily locate your key people and resources at any time.

two-way radio for taxi businessMetroNet is a two-way radio repeater network that provides improved voice communications, as well as integrated data communications. All your radio transmissions are loud and clear because our system delivers the best audio quality that technology can offer. Need to send a text or email? No problem. Data communications is a fully integrated feature which means you save money by not needing a separate messaging system.

Call us today to find out how Metro Mobile has helped businesses like yours track their fleets instantly and easily, at an affordable price. You'll manage your vehicles more efficiently, stop wondering where everyone is, and make your customers happier.

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