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A Repeater is a radio device that receives a signal and re-transmits it at a higher power so that the refreshed signal covers longer distances and can better penetrate dense structures.

Kenwood Repeaters Metro Mobile Communications has deployed, installed, and maintained the entire line of Kenwood Repeaters for a wide range of customers. In fact, we've been using Kenwood Repeaters in our own radio communications systems for decades, long enough to know that Kenwood Repeaters can be counted on to deliver long-term reliability, with proven daily performance that's superior to competitive products easily twice the cost. And with Kenwood’s new line of DMR digital repeaters we can provide affordable networked radio system solutions for any budget.

Metro Mobile Communications has implemented Kenwood Repeaters at sanitary and water districts, large construction jobsites, and on college and high-tech campuses. Check out our Repeaters and call us today to discuss the best one for your application.

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