Increase your mobile work team's operational efficiency with MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios from Motorola. MOTOTRBO delivers exceptional voice quality, extended battery life, increased capacity and the industry's largest application developer program for increased productivity and enhanced worker safety.

With MOTOTRBO Apps you can extend the reach of MOTOTRBO two-way communications to other technologies.

AudioMate 360r

An affordable IP gateway for Unified Group Communications

VoiceInterop presents the AM360r adapter panel as a cost-effective IP gateway between your 2-way Land Mobile Radios and your IP communication network. No matter what frequency your conventional or trunked two-way LMR system operates on, the AM360 provides an affordable and flexible link.

All Frequencies and Bands
Because the AM360r connects to your existing radios, it does not matter what band or frequency they operate on. The hidden benefit of this is that you do not need to buy new radios, just enhance and extend what you already have. No "forklift upgrade" is necessary to interoperate with other systems.

Goodbye Leased Lines
The AM360r extends basic local control functions to the soft console operating over your IP network. Stop paying monthly fees for leased lines to your radio sites. Instead, your existing IP network that connects to the radio site allows you to leverage what you already pay for. Just make it do more.

Simple to Interface
A few simple connections to your radio bring a new world of possibilities, allowing your radio users to talk to your dispatchers wherever they might be on your network. Built-in web configuration allows you to select PTT and COS polarity, receive and transmit pre-emphasis, and other important settings. Never touch a jumper or warm up a soldering iron. An RJ-45 jack provides an E&M interface, or use the 5-pin inline connector for signaling and single-ended audio interface.

Minimal Network Bandwidth
The use of multicast audio streams allows many dispatch consoles to participate in your radio network without multiplying the bandwidth consumed. A selection of industry-standard voice CoDecs digitize and compress your voice and send it via widely-used RTP (Real-Time Protocol).


AudioMate 360r Brochure



c-Bridge is an IP-based platform for enhancing the functionality of Motorola MOTOTRBO digital communications systems.

Several different product models are available, providing the following capabilities:

  • c-Bridge Remote: IP-Based Remote Voice Dispatch
    • Replaces Tone Remote Systems
    • No Control Stations Needed
    • Can Provide Interoperability between MOTOTRBO and non-MOTOTRBO systems
    • Interfaces with the following types of systems:
      • MOTOTRBO
      • analog FM
      • analog AM
      • P25 Digital
  • c-Bridge IPSC: Bridge Between MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect (IPSC) Systems
    • Create Very Large IPSC Systems - Effectively Breaks the 15-Repeater IPSC Limit
    • Dynamically Connect/Disconnect Between IPSC
    • Connect up to 5 IPSC Systems
    • Can Operate as IPSC Peers or Masters, or a combination of both
  • c-Bridge Deluxe: Separate Server/Gateway System
    • Same Features as c-Bridge Remote and c-Bridge IPSC
    • Plus Allows for Larger IPSC-Only and Interoperability Systems

c-Bridge interconnects with MOTOTRBO systems at the IP infrastructure level, using IP data connections over just about any IP network, including fiber, T1, wireless, DSL, and even some satellite links. Operating at this IP level results in superior audio quality, as compared to using control station access into a MOTOTRBO system. In interoperability systems, access to analog repeaters and base stations can also be done without the use of control stations, eliminating problems such as repeater hang-time, audio levels, and poor audio quality. This results in interoperability systems that operate second-to-none in performance.


c-Bridge Flyer


Analog LTR and Classic/Enhanced PassPort - Application for Motorola Expansion Card

The CVT-TRBO-PP application is designed for use with Motorola's Expansion Card installed in MOTOTRBO display model radios. The application allows the radio to work with current analog LTR, Classic PassPort, and Enhanced PassPort systems. The application uses a dynamic memory structure which supports up to 256 systems and 246 groups per system (when using a fixed channel selector knob with portable radios the selection of systems or groups is limited to 16). The application also supports basic analog Conventional operation to allow scanning between LTR and Conventional groups.



Analog Gateway to MOTOTRBO™ Connect Plus

When the DVU-2 is interfaced to the Motorola™ XRT 9000 it allows voice interface to a talk group. When a selected talk group becomes active, the XRT 9000 transports the talk group digital audio to the DVU-2 where it is converted to analog voice and made available as a 2-wire or 4-wire Type II E&M interface. Each DVU-2 can interface two external analog devices to two talk groups.

DVU-2 accesses, and registers with, an XRT 9000 via IP for an audio connection to a preset in the XRT 9000 talk group. Channels 1 & 2 in the DVU-2 corresponds to channels 1 & 2 in the XRT 9000. These channels are preset to a radio talk group in the XRC 9000 Controller and correspond directly.

When the DVU-2 accesses the XRT 9000 and gets a valid logon, the connection is ready to operate. If the radio talk group becomes active, digital audio is sent to the DVU-2 from the XRT 9000. This audio is AMBE+2 encoded and configured as an IP Site Connect packet. The DVU-2 decodes each digital audio packet and converts to analog where it is sent out on the 2-wire or 4-wire type II E&M interface.

In the case of 4-wire, the E and M leads are used to control the talk group access. When the call originates at the Connect Plus system, the M lead is asserted indicating audio is available at the 4-wire type II E&M interface. If the talk group is idle and the E lead is asserted by the external device connected to the DVU-2 4-wire type II E&M interface, the audio sent to the DVU-2 on the 4-wire type II E&M interface is AMBE+2 encoded and sent to the Connect Plus system and is heard by the talk group.

For each DVU-2 two talk groups can be accessed by external analog devices. The most common is a legacy 4-wire console or analog repeater.


DVU-2 Brochure

iTalkie™ Solution

iTalkie Solution

iTalkie™ is a groundbreaking solution to painlessly add the efficiency of voice and text communications into your business workflow.

Add walkie-talkie, messaging and phone-like intercom to your mobile computer. iTalkie™ combines the ease of use and deployment of traditional walkie-talkies with the benefits of serverless one-to-one calls and presence!

This P2P solution requires zero setup and configuration and is completely serverless. Just install the application on your PDA and/or PC and you are ready to page and call over your WiFi network. It's that easy!

iTalkie™ answers the specific feedback from vertical markets customers (e.g. warehousing, retail, hospitaility, health care and government) that require a quality voice solution which is easily deployable, maintainable and cost effective.

iTalkie™ delivers excellent and clear audio in real-time. As soon as the PTT button is pressed other users immediately hear the page. In other solutions that use record-then-send mechanisms the page is not received until some time after the button is released, thus adding a noticeable delay which customers, during store and forward trials we conducted in 2003, reported as unbearable. In addition, noise cancelling and other signal processing maintain the voice clear even in loud sites, with better sound reproduction than telephones.

The iTalkie™ solution allows truly converged IP and RF deployments. Private calls from radios are automatically routed to individual dispatchers or clients on IP networks. The presence of aliased radios allows IP users to communicate with voice and text just as easily as using popular voice-enabled instant messaging applications. Radio users can reach cellphone users via SMS through email. Text messages from automated nurse-call applications, emergency alerts, manufacturing equipment or chemical plants can be routed to individual or groups of radio and fixed/mobile users. All voice and text calls can be logged to provide liability protection for even small radio-only deployments. Best of all, the iTalkie™ solution is highly scalable to thousands of clients and gateways and with the finest granularity of any communication solution.


iTalkie Solution Brochure



The mACS-5000 offers efficient VoIP/RoIP technology adapted for Land Mobile Radio (RoIP) with one flip of a switch. The mACS uses a unique Network Bridging technology to create an instant wireless conference-call network for up to 16 radios, cell phones, phone lines or other devices per site, and puts them at the command of a single Radio Gateway. The mACS operates equally well as a stand-alone VoIP switch, and in full interface with other mACS devices.

Several mACS devices can be integrated into a single network, covering an extended Geographical area.

Like our standard ACS, the mACS works seamlessly with the mACS-5100 audio/video operator terminal, and with TechMer's Maintenance Work Station. Each mACS can also be fitted with an internal IP Logger, offering real-time recording, streaming and archiving with virtually unlimited capacity.

Key Features

  • Based on field-tested VoIP technology.
  • Supports LMR, 2-way Radios, TETRA, iDEN, GSM, and Landline phone technology.
  • Open Architecture - allows users to quickly create and modify their applications.
  • Modular and cluster architecture for custom scaling.
  • Unlimited # of user terminals.
  • Full redundancy with duplicated LAN and switching.
  • Merges radios, phones, LMR transceivers and other network components for seamless communication.
  • "Commander Mode" Allows to cut into ALL networks from one terminal.
  • Remote control over any IP network.


Broadband Push to Talk for Enterprise


You know the value of MOTOTRBO radio communications. The superb voice quality. The innovative features. The capacity and coverage that's tailor-made for your business. The devices that enable you to connect different teams of workers in all types of environments.

Motorola has taken that a step beyond - with MOTOTRBO Anywhere, a solution that adds broadband push-to-talk (PTT) capability so mobile device users can connect to your radio system.

MOTOTRBO Anywhere is a specialized solution built around a mobile device application and a network gateway. It gives you the flexibility to go further, react faster and reach more people. It works almost anywhere, on any carrier's network, on most Android™ or iOS™ mobile devices.

Some of your employees may not always carry a radio. They may need to work outside your radio system's coverage area. And sometimes you need to respond to rapidly changing business conditions, while still making sure your employees can communicate together.

That's where MOTOTRBO Anywhere fits in perfectly. It enables workers to communicate with MOTOTRBO radio users and talkgroups on their mobile devices, with an easy-to-use Android or iOS application which connects via a wireline gateway to the MOTOTRBO radio network.

Now you can leverage your reliable MOTOTRBO network and extend communications to other mobile broadband devices. It's the ideal enhancement to MOTOTRBO - to help your business connect, grow and thrive.


Features and Benefits

Unique Profile for Every User
When you log in to the MOTOTRBO Anywhere App with your username and password, your unique user profile of contacts and talk-groups will be waiting for you. You can be productive straight away.

Visual Activity Indication
Even if you can't listen to every team, the screen of your smartphone will show you exactly when a talkgroup is active.

Secure Communications
You can be secure in the confidentiality of your communications-on MOTOTRBO Anywhere, control and voice traffic are both secured using AES 256 bit encryption.

Visual Indication of Network Connection
Need to keep track of your cellular data usage? The MOTOTRBO Anywhere App clearly shows you whether you're connecting via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G.

Flexible Client Management
From the Provisioning Portal, you can manage all aspects of your user accounts:

  • Add/delete a user
  • Activate/deactivate a user
  • Change username/password for each user
  • Associate talk-groups to users
  • Create talk-groups
  • Delete talk-groups
  • Provision private call contacts for each user
  • Manage client licenses

Built-in Diagnostic Capabilities
The MOTOTRBO Anywhere Gateway ships with a suite of built-in debug and diagnostic tools.

Private Calls, Group Calls, Multi-Group Calls
Make discreet private calls to individual MOTOTRBO users directly from your smartphone. Or connect with a whole team, group or department. MOTOTRBO Anywhere allows you to communicate with a talkgroup of up to 1000 people at once. You can even listen to up to 16 talkgroups simultaneously.

Call History
MOTOTRBO Anywhere keeps a visual record of all the calls you've made. Call logs are maintained for 7 days on the Gateway and from the last logon as a Client feature - and if you have an incident that requires further analysis, you can export the log from the Gateway as a file (csv format).

The MOTOTRBO Anywhere App makes sure that the most important communications always get to you. Private calls take priority over group calls, and incoming cellular voice calls take priority over private and group calls. Once that cellular call is over, normal MOTOTRBO Anywhere functionality is seamlessly restored.

Secure Centralized Provisioning
The MOTOTRBO Anywhere Gateway gives you robust and secure management of your client accounts. The Provisioning Portal has password protection, and is accessible remotely using an SSL-based secure mechanism for login - logout.

Simple Upgrades
The Gateway also provides a convenient central point for adding new features and functionality in the future. The upgrade procedure is quick and simple.


MOTOTRBO Anywhere Fact Sheet


Telephone Interconnect

phone@trbo™ allows radios to connect to a corporate office or public phone systems. Users can pre-program a button for emergency calls, transfer calls to security guard's radios while away from their desk or use the company's phone system to dial a specific radio or talkgroup. Emergency calls are sent to the AllCall talkgroup. There is also Man-down emergency support for unmonitored lone worker.

Target Markets

Hospitality industry, Utilities, Public transit, Municipality operations, Retail delivery operations, Tow truck operators, Health services, Security, Transportation, Agriculture, Communications, Construction, Education, Government, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Distribution.


phone@trbo™ offers the features of a traditional analog phone patch while adding the benefits of both digital telephony and MOTOTRBO™ radios. For instance, text messaging is used for signaling, not only to make a call, but also to notify the caller-ID of an incoming call. In case the call is missed, it is easy to call back by simply replying to the caller-ID text message. Similarly, call filtering notifies phone callers that a radio is offline or they mis-dialed the group, thus freeing up airtime and the phone line. Best, phone@trbo does not burden subscriber radios with an additional option board, nor does it require phone callers to know what slot to call into. It can even be expanded to support email, and other features.


  • Private, group and AllCall calls to radios.
  • Multiple incoming phone call routing options: direct patch, voice menus and auto-routing.
  • Dial from radio with hot-keypad or text.
  • Text messaging-based dial, hangup and incoming call with caller-ID.
  • Return calls by replying to caller-ID messages.
  • Audio and text notifications to radios.
  • Emergency (man-down) automatic dial with pre-recorded voice message.
  • IETF SIP complaint telephony signaling.
  • Supports analog lines via Cisco adapter.
  • Program radios with 1-button dial.
  • Half-duplex or full-duplex (with TX interrupt).
  • Signal processing to reduce noise and adjust audio levels.
  • Easily add email, SCADA, dispatch, logging, and other services.


phone@trbo Brochure

RBX +Plus 

RBX +Plus

Introducing the First Digital Radio Telephone Interconnect

RBX +Plus (Radio Branch Exchange) is the first digital radio telephony system from Teldio specifically designed to meet the needs of industries that require a customizable private mobile telephony network. RBX +Plus brings all the benefits and functionalities of corporate unified communications to digital radios, enabling industries to operate under one private business critical mobile telephony network. This product allows digital radios to communicate with phones while accessing familiar telephony features.

The software application is installed on the customer's digital radios as well as onto a standard server which connects radio networks to the world telephony. RBX +Plus was specifically designed for Motorola MOTOTRBO digital radios. The solution is a cost effective alternative to cell-phones and Wi-Fi telephony systems for corporate mobile workforces


  • Customer service assurance by reviewing taken response actions to client requests.
  • Improved training material with the use of real-life situations.
  • Minimized legal liability with the ability to replay the recordings of situations of interest.
  • Increased accountability by reviewing the response of specific workers or talkgroups.
  • Enhanced audit trails with audio data of radio-to-radio and phone-to-radio communications.


RBX +Plus Brochure

R2R Recording

R2R Recording provides the necessary solution for businesses to instill enhanced audit trails, increase their operational accountability, minimize their legal liabilities, improve their training material and refine their customer service. The Teldio R2R Recording solution allows network administrators to record, log and playback any group call on MOTOTRBO two-way radio networks, allowing users to record both radio-to-radio and Phone-to-radio conversations.

The software application, installed on a central server, enables the controller to capture radio conversations on a given channel and store it. There, the data is logged and stored safely, where it can be accessed via a web interface for future use. Recording solutions are often complicated and costly. Teldio's R2R application is both easy to use and intuitive, with its simple web interface, delivered at a fraction of the cost.

Radio-to-Radio Recording Use Cases

There exist several reasons for businesses to require data recordings of their radio network conversations. Teldio's R2R application is both simple and flexible to fit the needs of most installation requirements. Popular use cases include:

  • Customer service assurance by reviewing taken response actions to client requests.
  • Improved training material with real-life situations.
  • Minimized legal liability with the ability to replay the recordings of situations of interest.
  • Increased accountability by reviewing the response of specific workers or talkgroups.
  • Enhanced audit trails with audio data of radio-to-radio and phone-to-radio communications.


R2R Recording Brochure


Scout is a true VoIP console system; all its components may be distributed over a LAN/WAN infrastructure using standard Ethernet. There is no backroom TDM switch.

Users said they want a console that does everything a traditional console does, yet operates on a network. Scout delivers this functionality today, and through active product development and customer feedback, new enhancements are continually incorporated into the feature set.

Scout is Avtec's 4th Generation console product, and was designed for a 10+ year lifecycle in mission-critical environments. Scout provides a dedicated media workstation with its own Ethernet connection and rugged peripherals. This allows customers the option to operate on standard PCs and benefit from reduced life-cycle support costs.

Radio, Telephony, and I/O integration are supported via VPGate; multiple technologies such as MPT1327, MOTOTRBO, P25 (DFSI and CSSI), iDEN, NXDN, and SIP can connect simultaneously. Furthermore, VPGate is N+1 redundant so there are no single points of failure to your critical communications assets. Non-VoIP capable radios can be connected with Avtec's Outpost, which allows advanced control of many radios through a serial port.

Scout supports the P25 Console Sub-System Interface (CSSI) for direct IP connections from VPGate to P25 trunked radio systems. This new release offers an interface that allows integration of console positions with third-party Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems, along with many other enhancements.


  • Scales from 1 to 100+ console positions.
  • Dedicated Media Workstation for Audio; no PC Sound cards.
  • Built-in N+1 Redundancy.
  • Supports Disaster Recovery.
  • Customizable Graphical User interfaces.
  • Integrates Web and XML technologies.
  • Scout Project Manager supports live system updates.
  • Integrates with third-party CAD.


MOTOTRBO with Scout
Scout Brochure

TL-NET Turbo

TL-NET Turbo

TL-NET Turbo provides a communication link between any radio system and MOTOTRBO through BridgeCom Systems' TL-NET system. This system allows a radio talkgroup to communicate with and interconnect to a MOTOTRBO talkgroup. Simply key the MOTOTRBO radio and it will key the prescribed two-way talkgroup. The TL-NET system allows links to many RF bands and popular systems like conventional, LTR, Passport, Smartnet, Smartzone, and more.

  • Allow MOTOTRBO to communicate with LTR/Conventional and many other communication systems
  • Make IP Site Connect infinitely scalable: 20 or more connections per site and 80 or more sites
  • Direct IP connectivity for IP Site Connect
  • Redundant Server ready
  • Site Specific calling
  • Easy to set up and use
  • System access is quick with superior sound quality
  • PC Dispatch Available



Radio Cross Connect for MOTOTRBO™

TURBO•X provides immediate interoperability between dissimilar communications systems. TURBO•X is an affordable and extremely easy-to-use package with no special operator training or experience required. Designed for mobile or fixed use, TURBO•X is easily connected to existing radios. Push-button operation provides the ability to rapidly establish interoperability talk groups. At the press of a button, up to four separate radios can be brought together as one or two talk groups. When connecting to trunked radios or radios that require a "call set-up" before they are ready to transmit, an innovative digital audio delay circuit gives you peace of mind knowing that syllables or complete words will never be lost. Installation is made easy with "plug-n-play" cables available for most mobile radios. The rugged design, utilizing a sturdy metal chassis and military grade components rated for the most extreme conditions, ensures that TURBO•X is always ready to respond, anytime; anywhere.

  • Immediate on-scene interoperability.
  • Connects to existing mobile radios.
  • Up to four mobile radio resources.
  • Two separate interoperability groups.
  • Selectable digital audio delay.
  • Easy-to-use push button operation.

Target Markets

Public Safety, Utilities, Schools, Business Campuses, Plants, Manufacturing Facilities, Remote fixed sites such as Mines and sensitive environments.


TURBO•X Brochure


Rapidly deployed wireless COFDM mesh network that effectively expands the range of radio reach, video connectivity, and Novel applications.

Expedient communications - between first responders involved in an emergency situation and the remote command center - is essential for both the success of the mission and the safety of the personnel. TechMer's TRBO - Mesh delivers a continuous stream of radio and video coverage in dead zones and harsh environments (such as underground tunnels, concrete buildings, or almost any other complex situation). TechMer'sTRBO - Mesh makes efficient use of high-speed data network access and wireless connectivity to facilitate VoIP connection of radio systems at remote sites. This ensures that high bandwidth applications, such as video streaming and telemetry sensors, are accessible through broadband Wi-Fi access points.

TechMer's TRBO - Mesh combines the mACS RoIP Gateway and a COFDM mesh transceiver, establishing a fluid and secure IP-based wireless network, self forming, self-healing with full non line-of-sight coverage. The TRBO - Mesh provides the essential flexibility and mobility of a portable wireless mesh network for complete radio and video field coverage with up to 15 nodes. Existing radio systems can easily be integrated with the TRBO - Mesh's portable mesh network for a full on-the-spot interoperability communication network.

Key Features

  • Broadband wireless mesh backbone technology.
  • Ad hoc network COFDM.
  • Rugged, fully mobile design.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Node-to-Node distance up to 0.75 mile in non line-of-sight.
  • Self-adapt and healing network.
  • 2 radio interfaces.
  • Interoperability between various communications devices.
  • Wi-Fi Hot Spots.
  • IP video streaming.
  • Cost effective and easy to deploy.
  • Customized to the organization Standard Operating Procedure.


TRBO - Mesh Brochure

WAVE Desktop Communicator

WAVE Desktop Communicator

Enables PC Users to Securely Talk to LMR and PTT Networks from any Location

WAVE Desktop Communicator is Twisted Pair's most widely deployed application, with thousands of clients in daily use around the world supporting critical communications for the military, federal government and commercial organizations.

Intended for system users who do not have dispatch responsibilities, the WAVE Desktop Communicator client runs as a standalone Windows program and allows users to talk on pre-configured channels and patches.

An optional softphone enables users to make and take calls with support for multiple extensions, call hold, transfer and conferencing capabilities. WAVE Desktop Communicator is customizable, with user defined information panels for maps, speed dialing and radio controls, for example, and doesn't interfere with other desktop operations.


  • Desktop Communicator users can access hundreds of authorized communications channels from an industry-standard PC.
  • Users can securely access their WAVE system from any location using a wired or wireless IP connection.
  • Desktop Communicator configurations are defined by the WAVE system administrator and can be quickly updated and pushed out to individual users.
  • Pre-configured patches allow users to participate in interoperable communications between multiple radio channels, telephone calls and other communication systems.
  • Activity displays, audio recording and instant replay give users a complete session history for archiving and audit trail purposes.
  • Text messaging between users and other WAVE-enabled applications improves situational awareness and team effectiveness.


WAVE Desktop Communicator Data Sheet

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