Motorola XPR 5550 Metro Mobile Communications

Combining the best of two-way radio with digital technology, the MOTOTRBO XPR 5550 Series mobile radio is a communications powerhouse for demanding users. Offering a full set of features and rich functionality in one powerful device, the XPR 5550 allows your employees to work safer and smarter whether they are delivery drivers crisscrossing the city or sanitation workers clearing the streets. The XPR 5550 delivers superb audio and quality, full color display, 4-line display, integrated Bluetooth for audio and data, enhanced GPS, text messaging and expert applications customized for your business.

Motorola XPR5550 Features

  • 5-line color display with a flexible menu-driven interface.
  • Icons and large easy-to-use navigation buttons ease message reading and menu navigation.
  • Large, easy-to-use volume knob.
  • Improved resolution display for easier viewing even in broad daylight and night mode for dark environments.
  • Programmable button can be set to send an alert to a supervisor or dispatcher during an emergency situation.
  • Enables a user to interrupt another radio conversation to deliver critical communication exactly when and where it’s needed.
  • Built-in scrambling for increased security.
  • Integrated GPS module enables the use of location-tracking data applications.
  • Up to 1,000 channels.
  • Loud front-facing speaker and Intelligent Audio feature automatically adjusts the radio volume according to the environment’s noise level.
  • Large, easy-to-use navigation buttons allow easy access to intuitive, menu-driven interfaces.
  • Accessory connector supports USB and IMPRES™ audio capability.
  • Four programmable/replaceable buttons for easy access to frequently used features.
  • Compact and ergonomically friendly microphone.

Motorola XPR5550 Applications

The Motorola XPR 5550 mobile two-way radio can be used for a variety of applications.

Here are a few examples of some key industries:

  • Commercial Systems
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Energy or Utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Government Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Service Industry
  • Transportation

Motorola XPR5550 Models

The Motorola XPR 5550 is available in the following models:

  • AAM28JNN9KA1_N 136-174 MHz, 1-25Watts, 1000 Channels
  • AAM28JQN9KA1_N 136-174 MHz, 25-45 Watts, 1000 Channels
  • AAM28QNN9KA1_N 403-470 MHz, 1-25Watts, 1000 Channels
  • AAM28QPN9KA1_N 403-470 MHz, 25-45 Watts, 1000 Channels
  • AAM28TRN9KA1_N 450-512 MHz, 1-40 Watts, 1000 Channels

Motorola XPR5550 Accessories

Only Motorola Original Products are performance-matched to guarantee the same high standards of quality that you enjoy with your Motorola two-way radio. When you see the Motorola Original logo, you know the products are built and tested to meet the highest standards – yours and Motorola’s. Motorola Original products turn your communication system into a personal communication solution for your firms everyday needs.

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