Increase your mobile work team's operational efficiency with MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios from Motorola. MOTOTRBO delivers exceptional voice quality, extended battery life, increased capacity and the industry's largest application developer program for increased productivity and enhanced worker safety.

MOTOTRBO radios with data applications can enhance safety and situational awareness.

ACS Alarm Control System

ACS Alarm Control System

ACS is a scalable and easy to install solution that significantly decreases response times to important alarms and emergency situations, increases workplace efficiency and creates a safer workplace for employees.

ACS (Alarm Control System) is a modular platform designed to provide efficient alarm management from multiple disparate alarm sources, and to intelligently notify the correct individuals via existing communications infrastructures. ACS provides a guarantee that the necessary staff will be informed of specific triggered events by utilizing worker schedules and competencies, and by interfacing with multiple devices (i.e. two-way radios, mobile phones, e-mail). Additional modules can be coupled with the ACS platform to ensure greater employee safety and security.

Redefining Automatic Alarm Management and Notification

Central to all business activities is a functional, operational and threat free environment. All workplaces are equipped with processes or systems that require the transmission of time-sensitive and often urgent information. ACS is an intelligent alarm management and notification solution that provides organizations with the platform to automatically listen for alarm outputs from Building Management and Automated Process Systems. Instantaneously notify the right individuals of ongoing events based on worker schedules, competencies, location and communication media.


Higher Workplace Efficiency

Greater Employee Safety

Key Features


ACS Alarm Control System Brochure


Digital Wireless Call Box System

CALL24 TURBO is the CALL24 Interface and operational software that supports CALL24 Call Box integration into MOTOTRBO systems. CALL24 TURBO provides a quick and easy way to upgrade existing CALL24 Mk-I and MK-III Call Boxes to Digital Radio. The software offers enhanced functionality to Motorola's Digital Radios by allowing Remote Controls through the radio channel.

No Central Dispatch Required

Handle your call responses from a central dispatch location or a portable radio. This flexibility reduces response time, as the officer can receive instant mobile alert notification and, if needed, communicate with the caller while en route.

Target Markets

Educational Facilities, Shopping Malls, Government and Private Hospitals, Manufacturing Plants, Mining, Petro Chemical, Systems Operators, Transportation, and Utilities.

Key Features

FirstPAGE™ Alarm Manager (FPAM)

FirstPAGE™ Alarm Manager (FPAM)

Wireless Alarm & Event Dispatch

The FirstPAGE™ Alarm Manager product line adds a sophisticated Alarm and Event management engine to our FirstPAGE™ product line. FPAM only requires the source system to report "alarm active" and "alarm inactive", for any alarming event. This means that additional logic need not be added at the process control solution (i.e., PLC or HMI/SCADA system).

Use Cases

Target Markets

Aerospace, Automotive, CPG, Food & Beverage, Heavy Equipment, Pulp & Paper, and Semiconductor.

Key Features


FirstPAGE™ Alarm Manager (FPAM)

hermesTRX Indoor Positioning

hermesTRX Indoor Positioning 

Indoor Positioning System

The hermesTRX Indoor Positioning Option Board is fitted with a micro-receiver, which picks up the ID from a hermesTRX beacon as they move around.

There is an increasing demand to provide accountability and traceability in the supervision of routine security tasks based upon our hermesTRX MOTOTRBO fleet management system. The hermesTRX family has been enhanced to provide both indoor and wide area Guard Control traceability. Not only does this solution provide Guard Control, but it can also be utilized to provide man down functionality, further enhancing the safety of the guard.

Indoor Tracking Compliments Wide Area Tracking

Indoor tracking is accomplished by the installation of a number of beacons throughout the various areas of a building or large complex. The beacon is fitted with an ISM transmitter, which broadcasts a unique 'signature' up to a distance of approximately 25 meters around the beacon. The hermes transponder option board is fitted with a corresponding ISM band receiver, which automatically picks-up the beacon's signature as it is moved around the complex. The hermes transponder option board automatically instructs the radio to send the beacon ID to the hermesTRX dispatch station where the location of the subscriber is updated on the screen. In the event of an emergency, the location of the 'downed' person will be displayed in red on the screen.

Advanced Patrol Management 

By placing beacons close to checkpoints which need to be visited by security guards, the hermesTRX beacon is ideally suited to provide verification that a check has actually taken place. The supervisor of a group of security guards can specify a particular route for each individual guard. Each time a guard checks a particular checkpoint, the hermesTRX is updated with their progress. This 'check' is timestamped in the log. Should the guard fail to check a particular checkpoint in their designated route, an alarm will be given to the dispatcher. Similarly, if the guard checks a checkpoint out of turn, or is delayed in arriving at a particular checkpoint, the dispatcher will receive an alarm. The hermesTRX Guard Control can be used to verify guard's activities in both a wide area or a small complex.

The Beacons

The hermesTRX beacons have a coverage range which ranges from 1 meter up to 25 meters (1-75 ft). The output power can be adjusted as necessary to define the required coverage range. The beacons can be supplied in 3 variants for indoor, outdoor and flush mount variants. To eliminate failure of a beacon due to low battery power, the MOTOTRBO automatically sends the actual battery power of the beacon each time the beacon ID is transmitted to the hermesTRX.

Milsoft's DisSPatch Outage Management System

Text messages and emails can now automatically be created and sent to notify critical personnel that an outage has occurred and is affecting customers.

With OutageMessenger, you can customize your notification protocol in many ways, making it easier than ever to send text messages and emails to those who need to be aware of vital information. Texting is a highly visible medium, which allows almost instantaneous dissemination of information. The moment your Milsoft OMS software detects an outage, OutageMessenger can automatically initiate your pre-determined text message or email notifications. So, no matter where your team is, you can feel confident that they have been notified.

Automatic text messaging and email? Doesn't get much easier than that!

OutageMessenger allows the user to create distribution lists with criteria from any field in the outage table. Examples:

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Milsoft's DisSPatch Outage Management System Brochure

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