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Law Enforcement

A two-way radio is more than just a piece of equipment; for a law enforcement officer, it can be a lifeline.

Since 1995, Metro Mobile Communications has been providing Kenwood two-way radios to local law enforcement agencies, including city police departments, county sheriffs, and university police. Metro Mobile also specializes in outfitting law enforcement motorcycle divisions with the latest in advanced communications and warning systems.

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Fire Departments

Battalion Chiefs need a radio that allows them to easily navigate between Command, Control, and Tactical channels. They need a two-way radio that will perform flawlessly in dark, wet, and loud environments. And they need a two-wayradio that will allow them to build tactical groups on the fly. That's why fire agencies throughout California have selected Kenwood's TK-5210 and TK-5710 P25 public safety radios.

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Utilities/Public Works

Most Utility and Public Works Managers are faced with a need to replace or upgrade their radio systems to comply with new FCC regulations. Radio system infrastructure is expensive and can be a risky investment, especially given the rapid pace of technological change. That's why Metro Mobile Communications developed the MetroNet Repeater Service.

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School and College Districts

If you're an administrator for a school or community college district, your top priorities are the safety of your students and emergency preparedness. Two-way radio communications can assist you with both. Metro Mobile Communications provides radio systems to school districts for communicating on school grounds, plus these same radios can be used to communicate during district-wide emergencies. Are you a community college district with more sophisticated requirements? Metro Mobile supplies and maintains advanced, multiple user group radio systems for community college districts like yours.

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As a university administrator, your primary concern is campus public safety and reliable communications to coordinate the activities for a large number of user groups. Metro Mobile supplies and maintains advanced, multiple-user group two-wayvradio systems on university campuses. University police departments can rely on the quality and dependability that our systems provide, and housing and facilities users will appreciate the cellular like calling features such as text messaging and email.

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Fleet Operations

To maximize productivity and improve customer service, fleet operators need to be able to instantly communicate with their units. Metro Mobile provides both Kenwood LTR analog and Motorola MOTOTRBO digital trunked radio repeater service with coverage throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Are you wondering where your vehicles are? Which one is closest to the customer? Who can respond the quickest? How far away are they from the job site? With the GPS feature of Metro Mobile's MetroNet, you can have answers to questions such as these quickly and easily.

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Did you build your own WAN because the public network wasn’t robust or secure enough? Why would you rely on a cellular telephone network to communicate with your facilities and maintenance personnel? Metro Mobile Communications supplies turnkey, multiple user group radio systems, including custom-configured repeater infrastructures with professionally designed antenna systems and emergency backup arrangements. Our systems are 100% dependable and provide communications where you need it—in every square foot of your facility, and in every building on your campus. Our technical product expertise can help you implement a portable radio communications system that meets your specific needs.

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As a hotel manager, your first concern is the guest. So you want a radio system that enhances your ability to provide responsive customer service. That means a communications system that can accommodate a number of user groups, and that allows your staff to talk to each other in garages, sublevels, and even elevator shafts. Metro Mobile supplies turnkey, multiple user group radio systems that will let you do all this and more.

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Contractors need two-way radios that can withstand daily punishment, and they need a reliable radio supplier whose response is measured in hours, not days. Metro Mobile Communications sells, services, and rents Motorola and Kenwood portable radios, the most respected brands in the business. These are professional, commercial-grade radios that hold up under severe conditions, and we stock all the popular radio models, along with batteries and other accessories, for immediate delivery. Our Technical Services Department repairs all models of Kenwood and Motorola two-way radios, and most other major radio brands.

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