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A Repeater is a radio device that receives a signal and re-transmits it at a higher power so that the refreshed signal covers longer distances and can better penetrate dense structures. Since almost all of an organization's radio traffic passes through the repeater, the unit must be capable of providing years of 100% continuous duty operation without breaking down.

Kenwood Repeaters Metro Mobile Communications has deployed, installed, and maintained the entire line of Kenwood Repeaters for a wide range of customers. In fact, we've been using Kenwood Repeaters in our own radio communications systems for decades, long enough to know that Kenwood Repeaters can be counted on to deliver long-term reliability, with proven daily performance that's superior to competitive products easily twice the cost.

TKR-851 Repeater: Economical Tabletop Model

TKR-851 Kenwood A repeater can be as simple as a tabletop station with a built-in duplexer and power supply, equipped with a low impact antenna kit. This type of repeater is usually found at a construction jobsite, or used for a temporary communications requirement. A repeater like this can be installed easily and inexpensively, and conveniently relocated on short notice. Kenwood's TKR-851 Repeater is just such a repeater, and an excellent choice for users with limited budgets or temporary radio communications needs. Metro Mobile has implemented TKR-851 Repeaters for numerous customers such as apartment complexes and retirement communities.

TKR-750 / TKR-850 Repeater: Robust Rack-Mount Model

Kenwood TKR-750 / TKR-850 Kenwood's TKR-750 and TKR-850 Repeaters are rack-mount units designed for more challenging requirements. They have proven long-term reliability even under the harshest operating environments, like congested, high-traffic commercial antenna sites. It's easy to add a high-specification preamplifier or a high-power power amplifier to increase performance even more. Or, add a battery back-up system that will ensure continuous operation in the event of a main power failure. Metro Mobile has supplied and maintained this model for water and sewer districts, for college districts, and at high tech campuses throughout the Bay Area.

NXR-710 / NXR-810 Repeater: Best Value Fixed Station Model - Digital

Kenwood NXR-710 / Kenwood NXR-810 The NXR-710 and NXR-810 Repeaters are Kenwood's state-of-the-art NEXEDGE digital workhorse repeaters that provide secure NXDN digital communications and full network connectivity. These advanced repeaters are the next generation of economically priced, high-reliability fixed stations from Kenwood. This model is most often used by property management companies or organizations like high-tech companies with multi-city campuses. These customers need seamless communications between groups of personnel scattered at various locations across the region, the country, or overseas.

NXR-700 / NXR-800 Repeater: Premium Fixed Station Model - Digital

Kenwood NXR-700 800 The NXR-700 and NXR-800 Repeaters are Kenwood's most advanced NEXEDGE fixed stations, the building blocks for large-scale wide-area wireless communications networks. These full-featured repeaters are supplied through Kenwood's Systems Division and are the backbone of many large-scale government and utility radio systems.

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