David Clark Intercom Headset Communication Systems

Hearing Protection

Headsets reduce noise Levels
to protect hearing and ensure
clear communications with your
crew. David Clark headsets are
light-weight, comfortable, and
equipped with noise-canceling
microphones designed to
provide excellent voice quality
with noise rejection. Their
trademark sage green
headsets are as long-lasting as
they are recognizable.

Clear communications and situational awareness are vital to firefighters’ effectiveness and safety. And a reliable, fully functional intercom system goes a long way in helping you accomplish these goals; an advanced intercom headset system is a necessity on any emergency fire apparatus.

Metro Mobile Communications is a factory direct representative of the David Clark Company, the industry leader in intercom headset systems.

David Clark Headset

For over 50 years David Clark has manufactured rugged, serviceable, versatile, and cost-effective products – their headsets are proven and ubiquitous throughout the industry.



Radio Interface

A David Clark Company
intercom system can be
interfaced to most two-way
mobile radios, enabling radio
transmissions to be heard
through each headset
position (e.g., Captain's side
or rear-left side), and
providing radio push-to-talk
capability from two or more

Each crew members’ headset is connected to a voice-activated intercom system which provides convenient “hands free” communication. This set-up enhances safety by allowing the vehicle operator to communicate while remaining focused on surrounding traffic, and enables the crew to discuss matters in route.

two-way radio dispatcher

System Installation and Repair

Let us Supply & Install
Your Intercom System

Save money and time.

Ensure proper operation of
vital communication systems

Expedite deployment of the
vehicle into service in your

Many agencies purchase fully outfitted fire apparatuses. But fire engine manufacturers’ expertise is not in public safety radio or intercom systems, and they typically subcontract the installation of these systems to a local provider. More often than not, a new fire apparatus will be delivered with a misconfigured intercom system and an underperforming two-way radio. This results in additional costs, frustrations, and significant delay in deploying the new vehicle. Metro Mobile Communications has salvaged many a new rig’s radio intercom system, and put into service a properly functioning system.

Metro Mobile Communications announces a new expanded installation bay! In early 2016 we will be moving to our new facility in Belmont which will accommodate full size fire apparatuses. Contract with us to supply and install your public safety two-way radios, messaging system, and intercom system.

Metro Mobile Communications has extensive experience in the configuration and design, custom installation, and troubleshooting of David Clark systems. If you need a complete system installation, an upgrade or modification to an existing system, or a replacement headset, call us today for knowledgeable, customer-oriented expertise. Having challenges with an existing system? No problem. Metro Mobile Communications stocks all commonly used modules, cables, and connectors for immediate shipment anywhere in the U.S. We provide comprehensive, on-site field support for David Clark systems throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Wired or Wireless? That is the question...

The Series 3800 and 9900 systems can be installed on Fire Apparatus, Ambulances, Rescue Boats, Utility, and Construction vehicles of all types. If it rolls, floats or flies, David Clark Company has a solution to help you cope with high noise environments. Call Metro Mobile today to discuss the best system configuration – wired or wireless – for your particular application.

Wired Series 3800 System

The David Clark Series 3800 Vehicle Intercom System is an extremely versatile "workhorse," able to accommodate most vehicle and system design requirements. This intercom system has the capability to connect to one or more mobile radios, allowing all personnel to listen to the radio, as well as the ability for selected stations to transmit over the radio. The Series 3800 System is currently in use by more than 900 fire and rescue agencies in the U.S.

Wireless Series 9900 System

Headset Communication Devices David Clark’s new Series 9900 Wireless Intercom System allows fire personnel to move about freely and easily without being tethered to a headset station. This means up to 300 feet of unfettered range, a significant improvement over a 10-15 ft. wired system. So a fireman with a bird’s eye view atop the ladder can easily relay information about the fire to the battalion chief on the ground for a more effective response. And when the firetruck is backing up, another set of eyes behind the truck can give the “OK” when the coast is clear, improving safety. And personnel on a rescue boat can communicate from anywhere on the vessel, improving coordination of rescue efforts. Many existing David Clark systems, including the Series 3800, can be upgraded to the 9900 system. Call Metro Mobile Communications today to find out how you can improve safety by going wireless.

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